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At TopBiz Press, we specialise in designing and printing business cards. A well-designed business card can effectively communicate your personal brand and make sure you’re remembered. This small space works hard to create a large impact on your audience and is often considered one of the most important business tools.


Our team of specialists at TopBiz Press, can give your business card a whole new look and feel, or simply refresh your brand. We have many options to meet your business requirements, and our team of in-house graphic designers can work with you to create an eye-catching business card that reflects your business in a professional manner.

In an ever-increasing digital world, exchanging contacts online doesn’t give you much room to convey personality or professionalism. However, a well-designed business card creates an immediate impression and gives that personal touch.


Whether you require quantities of 50 or 5,000, we can organise your business card design, as well as look after the printing side of things. We’ll print a business card that will not only reflect your brand but will also impress the people you’re handing it to.


Best Value – Our 14pt best value business cards offer the same great quality at a lower price.


Matte – Our 14pt or 16pt matte finish business cards offer a smooth, elegant look.


UV (Glossy Coating) – Our 14pt or 16pt business cards with UV coating have a very glossy and shiny look.


Lamination – These 16pt business cards have a glossy and shiny or silky lamination which also offers better durability.


AQ (Aqueous Coating) – Our 14pt or 16pt business cards with AQ have a semi-gloss look and are the most commonly ordered.


Writable – These 18pt business cards stand out because they are extra thick with an uncoated, writable side.


Metallic Foil – Metallic foil business cards are notable for their shiny, unique finish. The unique property of foil allows for some incredible looking designs not possible through other printing methods. Gold and silver foils are reflective and almost mirror-like, shimmer in all lighting conditions, and look especially great with black or white designs.


Kraft Paper – Kraft Paper business cards will help you stand out from the competition. Most suitable for bold, dark-colored designs, the fibers of the paper will give your design a natural look. 100% recyclable and produced in a sustainable process, they are the perfect option for those who like to print on high quality paper stock, but with an environmentally friendly look and feel.


Plastics (White and Opaque) – Printed plastic products are much more durable than paper to ensure your first impression lasts just that much longer.


Folded – Folded Business Cards are unique because they can hold twice the amount of information and still exhibit a good first impression.


Die Cut – Give your clients the best die cut business cards with our rounded corner, oval, or leaf shaped cards. The smooth, round edges will elevate them as premium business cards that help grow your client’s business… and yours.


Soft Touch – Soft touch business cards have a matte, velvet feel that elevates these custom printed cards to the next level of premium printing. Print soft touch business cards wholesale now to feel the texture for yourself!

We can print on anything, so in the event you do not see what you are looking for featured on our website, simply REQUEST A QUOTATION with the product details and we will get in touch with you.  

Let’s make something beautiful together

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