Dine-in and Take-out Menus

Food businesses have never been out on the top of the list of in demand businesses. This is also the reason why competition among food business owners is high. However, you can always do something to retain and attract more customers by bringing something new to the table. You can be creative in your business materials such as your menus.

You can have your dine-in menus big and colorful enough to showcase your bestsellers and entice your customers.

Take-out menus are also convenient for your regular and new customers especially if you are offering delivery services.

Menus of All Shapes and Sizes

Our dine-in menus come in various sizes to accommodate all restaurants. Our standard is 8.5×11, but we also offer all of our menus in 8.5×14 and our largest 11×17. 


Dine-in Menu


Take-out Menu

Menu Covers



Table Tents

Table tents are great for highlighting special menu items or your latest additions to the menu. They’re always present and are a great way to upsell.



Placemats serve two purposes. They keep your tables clean so there’s less mess to clean up when customers are done. They can also be used as menus. Some even put games on their placemats to keep kids entertained as they wait for their food to arrive.


We can print on anything, so in the event you do not see what you are looking for featured on our website, simply REQUEST A QUOTATION with the product details and we will get in touch with you.

Have more questions or need help with your design? Feel free to call us at 647-977-7158 

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